NORWALK ( — A 21-year-old man convicted in the fatal stabbing of his former girlfriend was sentenced Monday to 40 years in state prison.

Abraham Lopez of South Gate had also been convicted of attacking two bystanders with a knife who attempted to help Cindi Santana, 17, on Sept. 30, 2011.

“I have to stare at this scar, a reminder of Cindi’s murder and the burden I have carried since,” said Christine Ordonez, who was stabbed by Lopez as she tried to protect Santana.

The deadly stabbing happened in the quad area of South East High School nearly four years ago.

The jury was told Lopez was enraged Santana had broken up with him and wanted revenge. He was arrested almost immediately after the stabbing.

“Justice has been made and hopefully it brings some peace to my mother and myself and the family,” Janet Santana, the victim’s sister, said speaking outside of court Monday.

She said her family was too emotional to address the court.

Most maddening to Santana’s family is how hard she had tried to distance herself from Lopez. The victim had obtained a restraining order, which was violated.

Two days before her death, Lopez was behind bars for allegedly threatening her but that case was dropped by the District Attorney’s office for lack of sufficient evidence.

Lopez will not be eligible for parole until he turns 57.


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