VENTURA ( — Dozens of Carrows and Coco’s Bakery restaurants are being closed throughout California by their new parent company.

The closures follow the acquisition of the eateries’ parent company Catalina Restaurant Group by the Texas-based firm Food Management Partners. Neither company revealed the exact number of closures or employees affected.

First announced in March, the deal was finalized last week, Restaurant News reported.

At the time of the transaction, Catalina operated nearly 150 locations between the two brands, with nearly 100 Coco’s restaurants and other 50 locations for Carrows, according to Restaurant News.

Food Management Partners have been reported to be closing as many as 70 Coco’s and Carrows locations in California, Arizona and Nevada.

While it wasn’t immediately clear how many restaurants in all would be closed, Peter Donbavand, vice president of business development for Catalina, signaled that both brands would remain intact going

“The current market climate has forced us to make difficult decisions about many of our restaurants that are not performing at a competitive financial level,” said Donbavand in a statement released last week. “After extensive review, we have developed a plan that we believe will enable the parent company of Coco’s and Carrows … to make the two brands stronger than ever at both the company and franchise level.

“Unfortunately, this roadmap to sustainability may include restaurant closings.”

Known largely for their breakfast and baked goods, Coco’s and Carrows have been staples in Southern California dining for nearly 70 years.

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  1. I used to dang near live in the Carrows Glendora when I worked Grave yard driving a tow truck!
    They had great foods at a low price and the people that worked there were great!

    RIP Carrows…

  2. Nancy Beed says:

    We loved Coco’s when it was in Poway. we have been going to the one in Escondido and now you closed that one too. It was a great family resturant!!!
    What a loss.

  3. Stephen G White says:

    If there was one Carrows Restaurant I REALLY enjoyed dining in,,, it was the one in Carpinteria, Calif (12 miles from Santa Barbara),, just off Hwy 101. Beginning year 1984,,,,all the way through year 2008 (as I lived further down South,,, in the LA Beach community of El Segundo), I would take weekend trips to Carpinteria,,, some five to six times a year. I would (almost) always stay in the Motel-6 (off Hwy 101 and Santa Monica Rd. exit). Occasionally I would stay at the Reef Inn. Anyway,,,as that Carrows Restaurant was only a 2 minute walk from either motel,, I would (most of the time) have dinner,,, AND breakfast at that same Carrows. Per my memory,,, that particular Carrows CLOSED down in about late 2006 sometime. No real problem,, as I would then just walk across the freeway to that one Coco’s restaurant. Anyway (back to that one Carrow’s Restaurant), I remember how (for the MOST part) the waiters and waitresses there generally came aross quite personable to me,,, the customer. Some of them would engage in small chit-chat,,, at moments when it wasn’t extra busy inside. Now I don’t mean to “take anything away” from the Carrows Restaurants down IN the Los Angeles area,,,, as for the most part,,, the wait-staff there treated you (the customer),,, obviously better than Denny’s people did. However they didn’t quite have that EXTRA personal touch that the Carrows wait-staff in Carpinteria, CA had,,, at that same time (throughout the 1980s,,, the 1990s,,, and first half of the 2000s decade). It’s just a SHAME that Carrows had to close down.

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