FRENCH VALLEY ( — A $5,000 reward is being offered for information about a dog that attacked a toddler in Primrose Park in November.

2-year-old Kaydin Sutton, who recently underwent hernia surgery, suffered severe injuries as a result of the attack, and doctors say he has many more facial reconstructive surgeries remaining.

The mental trauma of the attack is another issue altogether, according to his father, who says Kaydin’s hernia was caused by his screaming.

“He screams out in the middle of the night,” father Chris Sutton said. “I think he’s just imagining that dog latching onto him.”

A lab mix was taken into custody by the Riverside Animal Control after the attack, but it was later determined that it was not the dog responsible. The dog involved in the attack remains at large.

Five months after the attack, Kaydin’s parents remain hopeful that someone will step forward.

“(We) get people talking, get people interested in the issue again, get people interested in Kaydin’s case again, and therefore, information will come out,” the family’s attorney, Matthew Whibley, said.

The only information witnesses have provided is that the dog was large, black, and had a collar.

Chris Sutton’s hope is that, by finding the dog, they can prevent this type of trauma from reoccurring on another child.

“I don’t wish this upon anybody else.”

Riverside Animal Control says they are not still actively searching for the dog, and since Kaydin’s incident, there have been no further reports of attacks in the area.

Anyone with information relating to the attack may call (855) 916-2847.