Jai Courtney is slowly becoming America’s next big action star, and in the next few years he may be what Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarznegger were for the 80’s and 90’s.

He’s been seen in some major hits like “Divergent” alongside Theo James and Shailene Woodley, “A Good Day To Die Hard,” and “Unbroken,” but his next few films may solidify his acting career and making him a household name.

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But before that happens, there may be a few things to know about the next great action here.


Full Name: Jai Stephen Courtney

Birthdate: March 16, 1986

Height: 6’ 1” (1.85m)

Birthplace:  Sydney, Australia

Best Known For: The Divergent Series, Jack Reacher, A Good Day To Die Hard, Unbroken, Terminator Genisys

Little Known Facts:

-Martial Artist

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Courtney trained in martial arts for his appearance in “Suicide Squad,” but the actor has been involved in a few rough sports including rugby and cricket. He says he’s always been a lover of the outdoors, and his body says so.

-Down Under

Courtney is definitely becoming America’s next big action star, but the actor isn’t even from America. He hails from Australia, meaning every time he’s been seen in a film thus far, he’s been masking that Aussie accent. Luckily, he’ll be able to be himself a little when he plays the Australian villain Boomerang in the upcoming “Suicide Squad.”

-Humble Beginnings

While Courtney is a rising actor being cast in bigger and bigger films, he comes from a more humble start with his father being an electrician and his mother being a school teacher back in Australia.

-Dress Up

Courtney has said that he really enjoyed playing dress up when he was younger, paving the way for his future career as an actor. For him, his passion for dressing up never really went away, and now he gets paid major bucks to do it. That’s a win-win.


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