VENICE ( — Concerned parents attended a community meeting at Venice High School Wednesday amid allegations that two underage girls were sexually assaulted.

In addressing the crowd, Fonna Bishop, the school’s interim principal, said: “Our students are suffering because of the events.”

Police say they’ve arrested 12 of the 14 boys, some as young as 14, wanted in connection with the incidents, which date back more than a year and happened on and off campus.

Two students are still being sought.

“We are still gathering information to determine what level of disciplinary action will be taken against the students that were arrested,” Jan Davis of the LAUSD said.

Investigators say explicit pictures of the victims engaging in sex acts with boys circulated on social media.

According to authorities, some of the acts may have been forced while others were consensual but involved victims too young to legally give consent.

The parents were instructed to write any questions on cards.

“I didn’t answer my questions,” said Tammy McClanahan, a parent. “We don’t need the politically correct, walking-the-fence dialogue.” She said she had hoped to learn more new details but left feeling frustrated.

Yet, other parents considered the meeting a step toward healing.

“Certain questions were answered, but I feel like there was a lot of just trying to cheer people up,” said Lisa Zwarych, a parent.

Police said they’re trying to figure out exactly what happened. No criminal charges have been filed against the students.


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