COSTA MESA  (  —  The wild swing in weather had been a boon for some but a bust for others.

With the high heat and winds, of course, also comes lots of pollen. This is a combination that allergy sufferers fear the most.

KCAL9’s Stacey Butler reports doctors have seen an increase in the number of sneezers and sufferers they have been treating.

The weather conditions, says William Sokol, an allergist, are causing “a perfect storm.”

No doubt it’s also causing an increase in the sales of over-the-counter allergy medications and tissues.

“A little gust picks up the dryness and just kind of blows it in your face,” says allergy sufferer Aiden Smith.

His mom says, “He gets real sneezy, and congested and missed days of school.”

Bees love pollen. Human beings, not so much. The pollinated winds landed Smith in the doctor’s office.

In just the past few days alone, Sokol says, he’s seen a 30 percent increase in his patient visits.

The great and warm weather we experience at this time of year comes at a price, he said.

“Itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, congestion, and for some patients who have asthma, an exacerbation of their asthma,” said Sokol.

He says allergy sufferers can reduce their symptoms:

• Limit outdoor exercise

• Wear sunglasses or a hat to keep pollen out of the eyes

• If you have asthma, take your medication. If symptoms persist, see a doctor

• Stay indoors if you can, at least until the winds die down

Butler also says to try to monitor the pollen count. To find the pollen count in your area, click on The site also lists the best and worst cities each day nationally.


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