RIVERSIDE (CBSLA.com)  —  A number of “We Tip” volunteers handed out flyers and refrigerator magnets in Riverside Saturday to remind the public they can help the police solve crimes anonymously.

CBS2’s Joy Benedict was there when the volunteers knocked on doors and spread the word.

“We need peace and love in the community,” said volunteer James Rubio.

Although most of the volunteers came from local churches, “the word” Saturday wasn’t the Gospel.

“We’re just letting them know about We Tip, it’s an annonymous hotline they can just call,” said Rubio.

“We’ve been serving California for 43 years,” said Sue Aguilar of We Tip.

“People who would not normally go to the police call We Tip and we can get that info to them,” Aguilar said.

Tips from East Riverside residents were instrumental in helping solve the murder of Loreanz Simmons earlier this month.

Simmons, a 14-year-old, was murdered three years ago in front of his own home.

“We received many tips from the community, many tips that helped the homicide detectives solve that,  so we wanna use that momentum,” Riverside Police Department Lt. Val Graham said.

In many neighborhoods, organizers say an organization like We Tip is vital in getting people to come forward.

“People are afraid to give information, afraid of retaliation and retribution,” said Aguilar.

Organizers stressed that We Tip is completely anonymous. They made it clear to neighbors any information they provided would be safe and coming forward the best way to make sure their streets will be safe, as well.

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