SAN BERNARDINO ( — A security guard working outside an illegal pot shop in San Bernardino was shot several times and killed on Monday night.

Security video from a nearby business shows a police officer speaking with witnesses just moments after Anthony Pineda, 25, was killed in an apparent exchange of fire with at least one of two suspects.

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One witness says he saw two men running from the scene, one of them limping with a sustained leg wound.

“One was saying ‘I got hit, I got hit’, and we were going to come out between the cars to chase him, but one pulled a gun out and told us to get back,” the witness said.

The witness says he and his friend then ran into the shop, where they found Pineda, a Chino resident, shot multiple times. They noted that the guard had discharged his weapon, saying that he “unloaded his whole clip”.

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The door to the illegal pot shop was locked by the time officers arrived, and had to be broken down by force.

Police say the owners of the pot shop are not being cooperative, and that they have not given officers any security video.

Pineda was supposed to be working the Academy Awards on Sunday, as could be seen by a pass found inside his vehicle.

Friends and family came by the scene and lit candles in front of the business.

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San Bernardino Police are urging anyone with further information on the event to contact them.