LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — An Encino lawmaker is leading an effort in Sacramento to allow drivers to “carry” their license on their smartphone.

Democratic Assemblymember Matt Dababneh on Wednesday introduced Assembly Bill 221, which would authorize the DMV to develop a mobile application that would allow drivers to access a digital copy of his or her driver’s license or identification card issued by the DMV.

AB 221 would require built-in safeguards to protect identities from unauthorized access, which Dababneh says will ultimately offer better security than traditional licenses carried in a purse or wallet.

“Obviously, security and privacy will be essential to enact this program,” Dababneh said. “I will be working closely with consumer groups, privacy advocates and digital security experts to ensure that the final product meets the safety standards that Californians expect.”

In order to use the app, individuals would have to apply with the DMV for a secure personal identification number in order to obtain access to the digital driver license or identification card, according to Dababneh.

Drivers would still have the option of using traditional driver licenses for those who do not wish to use the mobile application, Dababneh said.

“People use their smart phones every day to read the news, shop online and check their bank accounts,” said Dababneh. “I think using a tool that people are familiar with, like a mobile application, to store their primary means of identification will be a useful option for Californians.”

Similar proposals for digital driver’s licenses are making their way through state legislatures in Delaware and Iowa, according to CBS News.

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