SIMI VALLEY ( — Students and teachers at a preschool in Simi Valley were tested this week for measles after a girl was exposed to the disease during a recent trip to Disneyland.

The Ventura County Public Health Department notified school officials at the Little Explorers Preschool Academy Wednesday that a child who attends the preschool was exposed to measles at Disneyland. Parents were notified the same day.

“They were just saying we are trying to get everybody’s records and people who haven’t been immunized have to stay home,” one parent said.

State health officials say there are 58 cases of measles linked to visits to Disneyland or contact with a sick person who went there. The outbreak has since grown to 91 confirmed cases in the state, up from 79 on Wednesday. Mexico and at least six other U.S. states — Utah, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Nebraska and Arizona — have also recorded measles cases connected to Disneyland.


The parent says she wasn’t concerned since her child is vaccinated.

“My child is 5 and this one was in the toddler room, so I don’t even know if they would come into contact with each other at all,” she said.

Preschool officials say 99 percent of the preschoolers and staff members have been vaccinated, but there are several children too young to be fully vaccinated.

“I was extremely concerned because my youngest grandson has not completed – he has not gotten the last set of shots,” grandparent Terri Richardson said.

As a precaution, Richardson’s 1-year-old grandson Jaden was given a serum – immune globuline – that offers protection within six days of exposure.

Richardson says she now has a new appreciation for vaccination.

“In the last month…it’s disturbing. I think this will bring about a lot of change, hopefully,” she said.

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