MONTEREY PARK ( — Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies say a Willowbrook man is dead after a confrontation over a minor car accident.

Deputies are looking for the person who shot and killed Darrell Daniels in the driveway of his home Saturday just a few hours after the fender-bender.

Investigators do not have a description of the suspect but say they have a lot of information about his back and forth with Daniels leading up to the moment he was shot and killed.

Deputies say Daniels’ tragic end began hours before, a half-mile from his East 121st Street home at the corner of Main Street and El Segundo Boulevard, where he got into a fender-bender with a driver they believe was unwilling to exchange information.

“The suspect refused and demanded $500 for the damage to his vehicle. At that time, the victim saw the butt of a firearm and left the location,” said a LASD spokesperson.

Deputies say the suspect followed Daniels home, confronting him again for the $500 at gunpoint.

The victim allegedly refused and the suspect took off running, returning just before 6:30 p.m. Saturday when he approached the victim outside the residence.

“He was sitting inside of his vehicle and shot him several times in the upper torso,” the spokesperson said.

Daniels died at the scene.

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