TRABUCO CANYON ( — Less than a week ago, it was snowing in parts of Southern California.

On Tuesday, people needed sunblock.

Record temperatures went beyond spring, and felt almost summer-like on Tuesday, with Trabuco Canyon seeing thermometers reach 82 degrees.

“Today, I went on a hike up the hill, and I got sunburned,” resident Deanne Weissman said.

On New Year’s Eve, Foothill neighborhoods and areas of South Orange County saw 2 inches of snowfall, attracting a large number of Southern Californians to the snow.

Hills that allowed visitors to sled or board on the snow were once again brown and dry Tuesday, with the sun beating down.

Not everyone was disappointed to see the warm, dry conditions return, however.

“It was very cold, very cold,” postal carrier Dana Lee said. “I would say (it was) about, what, under 40 degrees? Thirty-eight, somewhere around there? Look today, (it’s) nice, there’s sunshine. This is California.”

Trabuco Canyon residents found no shortage of belongings left over from the groups of visitors, who vanished as quickly as they appeared, once the snow melted.


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