GRANADA HILLS ( — Hundreds of undocumented immigrants lined up Saturday morning outside a newly opened Department of Motor Vehicles office in Granada Hills.

According to the DMV, under the newly passed law, AB60 requires officials to issue an original driver license to any applicants who are able to submit satisfactory proof of identity and residency in California.

Under the assembly bill, undocumented immigrants no longer are required to provide legal status in the U.S., officials explained.

Since the bill passed, officials reported they expect about 1.4 million people to apply for licenses.

Four new DMV offices were opened, and about 900 employees were hired to handle the additional work flow.

Doors opened at the Granada Hills location around 8 a.m.

Paperwork and clipboards were passed out to those waiting in line outside the building, in an effort to reduce longer lines once inside.

KCAL9’s Joy Benedict spoke with several people waiting in line, who explained that new employment opportunities will become available after obtaining a license under the new law.

Authorities reminded the public that they are issuing restricted licenses under the provisions of the new law.

This means the restricted license does not allow federal privileges, such as boarding an airplane, but it can be used for driving.

Benedict explained the Granada Hills DMV is a processing center, which means only the application and written test can be processed there.

Applicants will then have to take the driving portion of the test on another day, at another DMV location.

For more information regarding AB60 driver license implementation, click here.

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