CLAREMONT ( — A local church nativity scene depicts a homeless Virgin Mary at a bus stop with a newborn Baby Jesus swaddled in burlap.

The theme for this year’s display at Claremont United Methodist Church on Foothill Boulevard is “Commercialism and the Oppressed.”

Church leaders say the eyes of God are always watching and people should reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

“We want to draw attention to those people who are on the margins who Jesus would be standing with today,” said Pamela Bunce of Claremont United Methodist Church.

The Southland church is known for its design of alternative, thought-provoking pieces of art during the holidays.

Displays in previous years have garnered national attention and some have been vandalized, like the 2011 display of both a heterosexual and gay couple. Last year, the display depicted Trayvon Martin in the manger.


Claremont Church Erects Nativity Scene Featuring Trayvon Martin

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