RIVERSIDE (CBSLA.com) — A bumper sticker posted on social media is causing controversy in Riverside County.

It reads: “My daughter got pregnant at Norte Vista High School.” And the phrase is getting loads of attention on and offline.

“I wouldn’t put that on my car because that’s crazy,” parent Lorraine Gaines said.

“I think that’s embarrassing for that to happen at a high school,” a student added.

Norte Vista High hosts a county educational program for pregnant and parenting teenage girls and boys. Students from around the county can take advantage of it.

Celeste Beatres graduated last year and applauds the program. While some might suspect this bumper sticker is a joke, she doesn’t think so.

“They offer the mother and father a second chance. They try to find jobs for both parents,” Beatres said. “If I were a mother and my child were in that program, I think you just have to make the best of it.”

A district spokesperson confirmed they’ve received complaints about the sticker and stated via email: “The district did not think that the bumper sticker was intended to be informational. The bumper sticker is not affiliated with the district.”

The spokesperson also said the school continues to make yearly academic gains in all major studies.