SANTA ANA ( —  Saturday’s date — 12/13/14 — will be the last time this century the day, month and year are consecutive numbers.

CBS2’s Greg Mills spoke to many couples at a courthouse in Orange County who thought the day was magical and the perfect time to marry.

Fernanda and Rogelio Serrano were one such couple who paid the $94 license fee and filled out the paperwork.

“It’s the best day of my life,” said the happy bride.

It’s a day, of course, they will always remember. And they got married on a date almost impossible to forget.

“It’s the last day this will be consecutive for about 100 years,” said newlywed Reanne Ramirez, “And why not make a special day on this special date 12/13/14?”

Her new husband, Isiah, popped the question a while back. Mills said the two ended their ceremony with a passionate kiss that kept going and going.

“It was awesome,” said Ramirez, “And that’s the way it should be, right? Gotta seal the deal right.”

Mills asked Karen and David Lira — a young couple with matching tattoos — why they chose this special day to tie the knot.

Both admitted to not even realizing the calendar date

“In the past, we’ve had 11/12/13 and 12/12/12,” said County Clerk-recorder Hugh Nguyen, “and those were significant dates and we were very busy on those days also.”

At the three open courthouses in Orange County Saturday, 151 weddings were performed.

Of all the ceremonies, only Ashley Eagles and her husband — and their entire wedding party — were decked out in cowboy boots.

As busy as the day was, Mills said the record for courthouse nuptials was last Valentine’s Day when 266 couples married.