SAN BERNARDINO ( —  Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart was talking about Ferguson on “The Daily Show” Monday, and that’s when the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s ears perked up.

“They had their facts all wrong,” said DA Michael Ramos.

In the monologue, Stewart referred to deadly police shootings.

“This is an isolated incident like the police shooting of Tamir Rice in Cleveland or Dante Parker in San Bernardino County,” Stewart said.

CBS2’s Crystal Cruz says Ramos called out Stewart in a YouTube video posted Wednesday.

“He talked about sheriffs deputies shooting Dante Parker in our county. He was so wrong about those facts. They did not shoot him; they Tasered him,” Ramos said.

Parker of Victorville died while in Sheriff’s Department custody in August. Parker was accused of burglary and reportedly on many drugs at the time of his arrest.

Ramos took exception to having Stewart refer to the death as a shooting.

Civil-rights attorney Mark Eisenberg represents Parker’s family.

“He was shot with a Taser gun, but I think what we’re getting into is a bit of semantics. What we’re really talking about is instances of excessive use of force by the police,” said Eisenberg.

Ramos explained in the nearly four-minute video that deputies used necessary force to subdue Parker.

“We lead the state in California of officers being killed in the line of duty; why isn’t anybody protesting and marching about that?” Ramos asked.

The DA says he sent his YouTube video to the Daily Show.

Cruz called and emailed the show but got no response regarding the Ramos video.


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