HERMOSA BEACH (CBSLA.com) — A Hermosa Beach family has been ordered by the City Council to remove two of four cats from its home after neighbors complained about the felines.

Steve and Betty Fry share Eevee, Daisy, Sabastian and Tiger. But in Hermosa Beach, the couple is breaking the law, according to an ordinance that only allows two adult dogs or cats per household.

“It was a complete surprise to me,” Steve Fry said.

Hermosa Beach is one of a few small cities that limit how many pets households can have. In Manhattan Beach, it’s five dogs or cats. In El Segundo, it’s three.

“The reason why we have a cap is because we’re a very small but dense town. We have 20,000 people in 1.3 square miles,” Hermosa Beach City Manager Tom Bakaly explained.

About four years ago, neighbors complained Fry’s cats would go into their yards and leave waste. Fry, however, doubts his cats are the culprits.

“The raccoons do leave feces in our yard, too,” he said.

One neighbor who didn’t want to go on camera said he picked up cat waste from his property and dumped it on Fry’s driveway.

The police chief eventually stepped in and offered a compromise by asking the Fry family to keep their cats inside and not allow them to roam the neighborhood.

“That deal was not accepted by the pet owner,” Bakaly said.

The council ruled Fry needs to find new homes for two of his cats.

It’s something he says “wouldn’t be an option.”

“We want our cats, so I’m trying to seek legal help,” Fry said.

Bakaly says his office is trying to work with the family.

“We like pets. We don’t like situations like this.  So we’d like to give her some time. If she doesn’t comply, we’ll just keep working with her,” he said.

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