FONTANA ( — As high winds continue to blow through Southern California, the red flag fire warning has firefighters on high alert.

When a garage in Fontana went up in flames, gusty winds were cause for great concern among the responding firefighters.

The fire, which claimed a family’s van and a number of other items, presented the primary concern of flames using the gusts to jump to structures directly next door, as well as those across the street.

“With winds in these conditions, it’s not going to take much to have something spark, and then the embers usually travel,” Cal Fire Riverside Capt. Cheryl Rossi said.

Luckily, firefighters got to the flames before they had the opportunity to spread. The family’s dog was found shaken up but alive after the fire.

The strong wind gusts were felt throughout the Inland Empire, causing stress among motorists along the I-15 in Norco. Drivers were warned about the winds.

“We got out to go to the grocery store, and we have to hang on to our doors so they don’t open up into another car door,” driver Leandra Joe said. “So, it’s been difficult.”


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