PHELAN ( —  The family of a teenager in Phelan says she’s been getting death threats at school.

Her family also tells KCAL9’s Crystal Cruz that school officials aren’t doing much about the threats.

The alleged victim is a beautiful, 14-year-old cheerleader at Serrano High School in Phelan.

“I think my heart stopped for a brief moment. It was unbelievable. I mean you always see that on the news and never think that’s going to happen to me,” said Rick Kenney about his daughter, Jezriel.

Earlier this month, Jezriel saw an anonymous text that said she would be murdered at school and the threat even specified a time.

“I was very panicked. I didn’t really know what to do or think,” she told Cruz.

According to Jezriel, the person suspected of writing the death threat also reached out to her anonymously on a messaging app.

The two exchanged messages and Jezriel eventually learned the text sender was a boy from her school — he said the threat was just a joke.

“He finally told me who it was after he said he was suicidal. He said that if he were to get in trouble he was going to be pissed off,” Jezriel said.

Both Jezriel and her dad say the student was suspended for a week but they want him expelled.

“I think that he poses a danger not only to my daughter but to possibly other students to maybe himself and other teachers,” Kenney says.

The superintendent of the Snowline School District in Phelan released a statement that reads in part: “Law precludes public school districts from disclosing confidential information regarding specific actions taken in such circumstances. However, the safety of all students in Snowline schools is always paramount in every circumstance.”

Jezriel says she’s too scared to go back to school.

Her dad plans on sending Jezriel to another school if the district won’t permanently remove the boy from her school.

Luke Ontiveros, Superintendent of the Snowline Joint Unified School District, released a statement. Click here to read the full statement.