SANTA PAULA ( — Some 12 hours after a series of explosions and a chemical fire forced evacuations near a wastewater treatment plant, a dog from a nearby shelter was taken to an animal hospital in Venutra after apparently suffering exposure to the toxic material.

KCAL9’s Andrea Fujii reported that Brandi was one of 71 dogs at CARL — the Canine Adoption and Rescue League — which is located just a half mile away from the explosion at the Santa Clara Waste Water Co.

Sky 9 was above the scene earlier in the day, after firefighters say a truck exploded, setting organic peroxide and sulfuric acid on fire and sending toxic fumes into the air.

“We want to check her eyes, see if there’s any scratches on her eyes from the chemical essentially flying into her eyes,” said veterinarian Dr. Morgan Weinraub.

Some 37 people were also treated for exposure while people within a mile of the plant were evacuated and others nearby forced to shelter in place for hours. But the animals at CARL were not evacuated, angering dozens of shelter volunteers and animal lovers.

“People were evacuated, why weren’t the animals,” asked Laura Abbott, a CARL supervisor.

Twelve hours after the explosion vets were briefly allowed to check on the animals. Firefighters said the area was too dangerous to allow people in earlier than that.

While Brandi was the only dog that showed distress, volunteers are still concerned for the others left behind.

“They’re our pets, we love them,” Abbott said.




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