CARPINTERIA ( — A pair of surfers have been reunited with a GoPro camera they lost five years ago, thanks to a good Samaritan who found it while lobster diving off of the Channel Islands break wall.

Kevin Brown had been determined to find the two women captured on the GoPro, which he found sitting at the bottom of the ocean.

“When I took it apart, I could see it had a memory stick inside,” Brown said.

The video recorded to the memory stick showed two women surfers, and Brown contacted CBS 2 for help in finding them.

Among the many phone calls that came into the CBS 2 newsroom was a caller who identified the blond woman as Brittney Bauhaus, who was living in Santa Barbara.

Bauhaus had been surfing with her friend, Dominique Zarate, in 2009 the day they lost the GoPro.

“The white water came, I was paddling back out into the ocean, to get back out in the lineup, and the white water came with this pretty big wave and smacked the back of the camera and it just popped right off,” Bauhaus said.

Bauhaus and Zarate were amazed to see the old footage and joked about their surfing technique five years ago.

“It’s like a time capsule, you know? Pretty wild,” Bauhaus said. “Definitely a better surfer now. I’ve learned my lesson – if I ever use one of these again, duct tape it down.”

Brown, Bauhaus and Zarate say they have plans to surf the shores of Carpinteria together next week.

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