HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — A man was reportedly shot with Mace after telling a woman to turn off her cellphone inside a Hollywood theater.

The incident happened Monday afternoon during the AFI screening of “Mr. Turner” at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatre.

Eyewitnesses told Variety.com and Mashable.com that the situation unfolded a few minutes into the film.

According to witness accounts, the man was seated in the back row and repeatedly asked the woman to turn off her cellphone due to the glowing screen.

When she refused, he tapped her on the shoulder and asked again.

It was at that point witnesses say the woman flipped out.

She reportedly started cursing, threatened to call police and pointed her phone’s flashlight at him.

She then sprayed him directly in the face with a self-defense device, witnesses said.

A witness named Ariel said she was seated in the front of the theater when the confrontation occurred. She said she turned around briefly and saw a cellphone light.

“This kind of violence to do during texting. Texting shouldn’t be done. You shouldn’t be pulling out your phone anyway. That was one person’s reaction,” Ariel said. “It was out of control.”

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the confrontation.

Police said they weren’t called to the location but said both parties were escorted out of the theater by management.

Neither has filed a police report.

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