WESTCHESTER (CBSLA.com) — Police have released surveillance video of a burglary in progress hoping it will lead them to the thieves.

Officers say the footage shows the suspects, who they believe are 14 years old, attempting to enter a Westchester home on Monday through the doggie door. They were scared away by the family dog.

They tried again and again.

The homeowner, who only wanted to be identified as James, said the video shocked him: “It was, to a point, comical because they saw the cameras. We have our dog that scared them away and they kept trying to get back.”

Police believe they eventually did make it in to several homes and nabbed thousands of dollars worth of goods.

They say the suspects entered through unlocked doors and windows, mainly during the day.

James hopes someone will recognize the two burglars so his house doesn’t become a target again.

The homeowner said, “It’s supposed to be your private space. And you feel violated when someone goes in and tries to get into your property like that.”

Police urge homeowners to lock their doors and windows before leaving, and to report any suspicious activity.

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