SYLMAR (  —  The 23-second video was taken almost a year ago.

The grainy cell phone video purports to show a ghostly figure on the field at a high school football game in Sylmar.

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CBS2’s Rachel Kim went to the stadium this evening in search of answers to the mystery.

It is, of course, the time to investigate apparitions and all things spooky and scary.

Kim reports, “the Sylmar Spartans took on the Reseda Regents on this Halloween night. The face paint was scary, so was the score. But at football games here, many say nothing is spookier than what they saw on video at a game last November.”

“I said OMG, what is that? I run to my friends and said can you believe that, can you see the same thing?,” said Anna De Ano, a parent.

De Ano was sitting in the stands during Sylmar’s game vs San Fernando, recording her daughter Mariela Rodriguez in a cheerleading routine.

De Ano says a month later when she looked at the video, she saw the mysterious ghost-like figure running across the field.

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“She showed it to me and I was like, uh, I don’t know what it is,” said Mariela, a student.

“He must’ve been like a good corner or running back. He was gone!” quipped Lonny Griffen, a Sylmar alumni.

In the year the apparition has been something of a social media phenomenon, the mysterious figure has become known as “The Sylmar Ghost.”

When asked if he thought it looked real, Griffen replied. “It don’t look photo-shopped. It looks real as real can be,” he said.

Kim showed the video to physics teacher Bruce Lindsay. He had a possible explanation.

“Maybe it was a glitch with the memory chip in the camera or something.”I wouldn’t know what to call that,” said Lindsay.

For the skeptics out there, Kim asked Mariela if the video on her mom’s cell phone was altered in any way.

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“She doesn’t even know how to work her phone, so no,” said Mariela.