BRENTWOOD ( — A new kind of bar has opened in Brentwood this week – a flower bar.

Amy Marella, who for years catered to stars like Gwen Stefani and Jessica Simpson at the helm of The Hidden Garden Floral Studio, opened Fleurish this week, a flower bar where customers can come in and customize their own bouquets and arrangements.

“I’ve had many clients that have asked, ‘How do you make the arrangements? How do you do it? I want to understand,’ ” Marella said. “So Fleurish bloomed out of the idea that our clients really wanted to know how to make their own flower arrangements.”

After paying a $5 sitting fee, Fleurish customers can choose a premade design to replicate or bring a vase, choose their own flowers and customize an arrangement.

Fleurish also encourages sharing – the shop features a photo booth where customers can take their freshly arranged flowers and take a picture with it, then immediately post it on social media.

The shop is not considered a no-man’s land. Plenty of men come in with their daughters or on their own to customize a gift for their wives.

“We want you to bring your kids in here, we want you to bring your husband in here, we want you to bring your wife in here, your mom, your dad, grandma, grandpa, whoever. We want everyone to feel comfortable in the environment and really feel they can be a florist,” Marella said.