VALENCIA ( — Residents in Valencia have been warned after a homeowner spotted two bobcats in his yard.

The sighting occurred at Brighton Lane, off McBean Parkway in Santa Clarita on Sunday.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to Arnie Alonso’s house after the animals were discovered.

Alonso said he had heard noises coming from his backyard, and looked outside to find two large bobcats, fighting a Eucalyptus tree.

Deputies went door to door in the neighborhood, making sure neighbors were aware of the animals.

“Finally, one came down, the other one is still up in the tree,” Alonso said . “And (deputies) went around and told the neighbors that there is a cat up there, so to keep their animals inside, and their kids.”

As of Sunday evening, it was reported that the bobcat may still have been sleeping in the tree.

Alonso attempted to call Fish and Game, but found out that the department does not deal with bobcats.

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