CHULA VISTA ( — San Diego college officials Thursday said there was no threat or indication that a student had Ebola after a portion of the school was cordoned off.

A Southwestern College student and her family had been visiting relatives in the Midwest last week and upon their return, the student’s sister exhibited flu-like symptoms and was hospitalized, according spokeswoman Lillian Leopold.

The student did not experience similar symptoms, but told her teacher about it to explain her absence from class.

As a precaution, campus police evacuated a building at the Chula Vista campus.

“Our campus nurse has thoroughly examined the student and there IS NO EXPECTATION OF EBOLA,” Leopold said.

The campus newspaper, the Southwestern College Sun, reported that the San Diego County Department of Health had been called to the school. Leopold later said that information was not true.

The student had never traveled near West Africa, where health officials say there could be as many as 10,000 new cases a week by Dec. 1.



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