REDLANDS (  —  A pet owner is pushing for a new law after her dog’s tongue was partially cut off by a groomer.

It’s a story that is Only On 2.

CBS2’s Crystal Cruz spoke with the pet owner, Crystal Smilden.

The pet owner told Cruz that her dog Smokey’s kisses and licks just aren’t the same.

Smilden says part of the 11-year-old dog’s tongue was accidentally cut off by the groomer.

“I’m holding him and he’s hot and so he’s panting in my face and the smell was so overwhelming. I’ve never smelt so much iron from the blood and that’s when I saw it gone and I just … it was hard [to look at],” Smilden said.

It’s been a week since Smilden picked up up Smokey from Flawless Pet Grooming in Redlands.

She showed Cruz a picture of the dog’s bloody face as well as a photo of Smokey with his tongue visibly cut.

“Once he came out and I saw his snout I was in shock,” she said. “I think it was an accident and an act of negligence.”

The owner of the pet salon declined to talk on-camera but said she’s heartbroken and that this was a first in her 30-plus years in business she’s had such an accident.

Smilden is considering legal action and wants California law changed to require all groomers are licensed, something not currently mandated.

“You need to have emergency procedures and emergency protocol that is one thing that could help prevent Smokey from possibly bleeding to death,” Smilden said.

The salon owner says she’s apologized to Smilden and also paid Smokey’s vet bill.

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