LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — New allegations of excessive use of force by the Los Angeles Police Department have surfaced after a man, who was recently arrested, claims he was injured by officers.

“I’ve got pain and I can barely move my wrist that much,” Brandon Dawson told CBS2’s Cristy Fajardo. “I got tingling and numbness in my left hand and soreness all throughout my body from them being on top of me.”

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Dawson says he had gone to pickup his seven-month-old daughter after work, and parked in a business driveway as street parking was unavailable.

After he buckled his daughter in, he saw a car pull up behind him and flash a bright light. He says he got out of the car to see who it was and claims an officer started yelling at him.

“[He was yelling] ‘Get back in the [expletive] car. Get back in the car!’ An officer reached for his gun and I didn’t want my daughter to be in danger so I drove around and parked over here,” Dawson said.

The incident Sunday night occurred on Broadway and 65th Street in South Los Angeles, and was captured on tape, though grainy at times and tough to see.

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Farjardo says Dawson can be seen on tape running up to a building’s intercom system with his daughter in his arms. He claims he had just driven about 50-feet to his grandmother’s complex because he wanted to keep his baby safe.

“They started pulling me in, trying to snatch my daughter away. I said, ‘Don’t touch my daughter. Just let me get my daughter to my grandmother, where I know she is safe, and I’ll comply. I’ll see what y’all are talking about,'” he said.

Dawson says the officers said no.

The LAPD declined to comment on camera but says Dawson was booked on suspicion of battery to a female officer. The LAPD also said the officer had injuries but couldn’t elaborate on the extent.

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“I don’t see how,” said Dawson. “The whole time, I was holding my daughter.”