SANTA MONICA (AP) — He’s still got two years left on his current contract, but President Barack Obama is already fantasizing about the day he can go to work in sweatpants.

And he’s got at least one job offer.

Obama was answering questions Thursday from young entrepreneurs at the office facility Cross Campus when one go-getter, Ariel Jalali, pitched his startup Sensay, a mobile app corporation.

“The question is really more in the form of an offer,” he said. “I wanted to get a jump on the competition in offering you your next gig. It’s super rewarding. You get to help people.”

Obama asked with a laugh, “You’re offering me a job?”

“That’s right,” Jalali said.

“Wow, OK,” the president said.

Jalali continued: “You can help anyone from anywhere using your — nothing more than your brain and a smartphone, and you can do it anonymously. So, what do you think?”

The audience laughed along with Obama and his would-be employer. Obama did allow that being president had been a privilege but that eight years was long enough. Being able to dabble in the issues of the day while wearing sweatpants and a baseball cap sounded attractive, he admitted.

“But I think I’d have to check out your perks,” the president said. “Do you have, like, a sushi bar?”

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