BELL GARDENS ( — Investigators are trying to piece together what happened a week ago when the mayor of Bell Gardens was fatally shot by his wife.

No charges have been filed but detectives are looking at profanity-laced messages sent from Daniel Crespo’s wife, Levette, to one of his girlfriends.

CBS2/KCAL9’s Serene Branson spoke to legal analyst Steve Meister about what the messages could mean for the case.

“Just because she’s out of custody doesn’t mean she’s out of the woods,” Meister said.

He said investigators will consider Levette Crespo’s state of mind when she shot her husband.

Her attorney said she was defending herself and her 19-year-old son.

Meister said investigators are likely wondering: “Was she acting completely out of rage and anger, and not from the perspective of an abused spouse at all?”

Especially since reports have surfaced that the mayor was involved in extramarital relationships with at least two other women.

One of those alleged girlfriends played for CBS2/KCAL9 a voicemail she said came from Levette Crespo, where she can be heard saying “…And if you think you’re gonna come and destroy my marriage, you got another thing coming.”

Investigators believe the message is legitimate.

She allegedly goes on to say, “So if your [expletive] itches, go find another [expletive] post to scratch it on, you [expletive]…”

In a text message belonging to a number linked to Daniel Crespo, the girlfriend said Levette wrote, “…if I found out your [sic] borrowing money from my husband we’re going to have a problem!!!!!”

That message was dated five days before the shooting at Crespo’s condominium.

“It’s very important evidence. It impacts the investigation significantly because, again, the question starts to become not just was she behaving reasonably the night she shot her husband, but whether was she telling the truth about behaving reasonably,” Meister said.

Branson contacted Levette Crespo’s attorney for a comment on the messages. He said he’d reply later in the night, but never followed up.

Investigators told Branson they’re working very hard on the case but haven’t yet present it to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

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