CANOGA PARK ( — New video shows the chaos that ensued when an SUV plowed into the Jolly Donuts eatery this weekend, killing a man and injuring five customers.

Bystanders at the corner of De Soto Avenue and Roscoe Boulevard Saturday night were quick to whip out their cellphones and hit record when the SUV tore through the building. Others rushed forward to help those hurt.

“It looks like a bomb went off,” Jolly Donuts owner Sivlai Chung said a day after the crash.

Footage shows the car hanging out of the building as people, bloodied and in disbelief, stepping out of the broken glass and dismembered tables.

There’s a a man in the clip crying out in agony, on the ground sitting in what remains of a chair, as people try to keep him calm.

Another man can be seen sitting up and looking around. He’s bloodied and it’s hard to believe he survived the crash; Security video shows the SUV appearing to run right over him.

One man was dragged to his death by the vehicle. Chung said he was a homeless man who came in regularly for coffee and to charge his phone.

The video shows the driver, 42-year-old Kristin Chang of Granada, bent over in apparent disbelief just a few feet from a swatch of victims.

Detectives said the crash appeared to have been an accident but they are continuing to investigate. They have not arrested the driver.

The Los Angeles Fire Department took five people to the hospital with serious injuries. All were expected to live.

Meanwhile, people have created a small memorial outside the boarded-up donut shop for the homeless man who lost his life.