HUNTINGTON BEACH ( — Several parents in Huntington Beach kept their children out of class Friday over concerns of asbestos contamination.

The parents want answers about several schools in the area that are part of a modernization project, including: Hope View School on Flintstone Lane, Oak View School on Oak Lane, and Lake View School on Zeider Lane.

They believe district officials have been vague about possible asbestos contamination.

“There would be the modernization. There would be construction. To please bear with the noise. With the dust. But nothing on that postcard stated that there was asbestos abatement,” said Leitta Strecke, a parent.

Ocean View School District Superintendent Gustavo Balderas said, “In the summertime, when kids weren’t in school, we did the majority of the abatement.”

He added, “We’re doing additional assessments this weekend to do more testing of other environments.”

One parent reported seeing ceiling panels missing, broken, or damaged at Hope View Elementary School. The superintendent says he is investigating those claims.


Huntington Beach Schools Suspend Asbestos Removal Effort In Response To Complaints