BELL GARDENS ( —  The brother of Daniel Crespo, the slain mayor of Bell Gardens, believes his sister-in-law may have killed her husband when she learned he was having an affair.

Crespo’s wife, Levette, had said that she was the victim of domestic violence for years.

She reportedly told police Tuesday, the afternoon of Crespo’s death, that her husband was fighting with the couple’s 19-year-old son after he intervened in a fight between the two spouses.

She was treated for facial injuries, as was her son. Neither was arrested. Her attorney called it a clear case of domestic violence and not rage.

But William Crespo told KCAL9’s Serene Branson on Thursday that he believes Levette killed him upon learning that he was cheating.

On Wednesday, Crespo’s brother said the couple was fighting about money. He said he’d been with them the night before, and things were tense.

He told Branson on Thursday that his brother was involved with another woman. He said his brother had broken things off but that tensions boiled over in the days before the shooting.

“She was upset that my brother was trying to patch things up with his wife,” said William.

“There may be an opportunity to learn about the difficult and intolerable home life for this family ,” said Eber Bayona, Levette’s attorney.

Detectives told Branson they were aware of the unidentified girlfriend on the night of the shooting and plan to interview the woman.

They also said they believed they had enough evidence that evening to believe Levette’s story that she acted in self-defense. The ultimate decision on whether charges would be filed would be up to the DA’s office.

Branson was unable to reach the woman believed to be Crespo’s girlfriend for a comment.


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