VENICE BEACH ( —  A local disaster relief agency is turning its attention south of the border, to Baja California, where the situation remains dire following the devastation two weeks ago from Hurricane Odile.

Waves for Water’s latest mission is to bring clean water to the many people in Mexico who lost their sources of water after the storm

Jon Rose of Waves for Water spoke to CBS2’s Brittney Hopper via Skype while on his latest mission to help others.

“It really becomes overwhelming,” Rose said. “It looks like ‘Where do I start?’ Our target is to go in there and provide people with clean, safe water.”

Waves for Water brings filtered water to devastated areas, such as Haiti and the Philippines. And now Baja Sur.

“They have many many needs, but let’s get them their basic needs met first,” Rose said. “Let’s get them to at least to that point.”

Parts of the south Baja area were hit hard, and many are still without power. But through Waves for Water you can see the smiles it’s bringing by the simple gesture of providing clean water.

“We overlook it, but when you go to places that don’t have that luxury it’s a fight. A fight,” Rose said. “Ultimately they’re fighting for survival.”

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