With MLB’s regular season winding down – we felt it fitting to highlight some of the best things in baseball. Of course we need to include Mascot Races in that conversation. Mascot races had been a staple in Milwaukee since the early nineties – but in recent year’s many other teams have created their own versions that keep crowds entertained between innings.  

Here are a few of our favorite from this year…

 5. Pierogi Race – Pittsburgh

Potato Pete and Cheese Chester prove that mascot races can get a little testy between the racers.  


4. Target Field Mascots- Minnesota

Perhaps the oddest (and most produced) race comes out of Minnesota with characters including Louie the Loon and Babe the Blue Ox.


3. Legends Race- Arizona

Legends races are taking ballparks by storm featuring players from yesteryear.


2. President’s Race- Washington DC

The President’s Race in DC has become an instant classic with Teddy Roosevelt as a fan favorite.


1. Sausage Race – Milwaukee

The original sausage race in Milwaukee is the best of the best- featuring Brett Wurst, Stosh Jonjak, Guido, Frankie Furter and Cinco.


Bonus: All-Star Mascot Race – Minnesota

If you need just one reason to go to the Home Run Derby, its to see the All-Star Mascots duke it out of course.


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