STUDIO CITY ( — An LAPD sergeant accused of racial profiling by an actress is speaking out against his own department for the investigation that followed the incident.

The LAPD’s internal affairs investigation that followed the incident, in which actress Daniele Watts was detained by officers responding to an “indecent exposure” call on Sept. 11 in the 11900 block of Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, reportedly includes a probe on Sgt. Jim Parker and two other officers.

Sgt. Parker calls the investigation “ridiculous.”

“When I asked ‘Well, OK, tell me what the charges are,’ what we would call allegations, I get an email back saying ‘Well, there are none, but we’re going to think of them after we interview you,’ ” Parker said. “I mean, who does that?”

Parker says he briefly handcuffed the “Django Unchained” actress after she walked away from police and refused to provide her identification.

The officers had been responding to calls about a couple having sex in a car.

Watts and her boyfriend went to the media with video of the incident, claiming she was the victim of racial profiling because she is black and her boyfriend is white.

Parker, meanwhile, says the detainment had nothing to do with race.

“No, never. It never crossed my mind what her race was; it’s not relevant to the call,” Parker said.

Parker recently release his audio recording of the incident, which, he says, puts a stop to claims of racism.

However, he believes the internal investigation is the department’s way of saving face.

“Now the department’s philosophy is, ‘Well, let’s do this investigation to make us look good, because we failed to act on it after the first media inquiries,’ ” Parker said. “I think it’s just disgusting.”

The investigation goes on an officer’s record for life, even when cleared.


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