SOUTH LOS ANGELES ( — It’s been a tough few days for the little dog who was hit during a police pursuit last week.

But Gordo is now back home, recovering with his family.

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The 1-year-old Maltese mix went home to South Los Angeles Tuesday night, nearly a week after he was run over by the driver of a stolen vehicle during a wild chase through the area last Wednesday.

Doctors at Access Specialty Animal Hospital at City of Angels in Culver City were able to save the hind leg of the resilient dog, who suffered a hip and pelvis fracture when the vehicle’s rim sliced into his hip.

“I think he’s very lucky to have made it through,” surgeon Kim Carey said at a press conference Monday. “We weren’t sure we would be able to salvage his limb initially. Had it been millimeters to one direction it probably would have sliced into his colon,” she said.

Her furry, four-legged patient, who drew donations to cover the surgeries after his story exploded on the Internet, is expected to recover.

“He’s a small dog, he’s a light dog and he’s really young. I think we’ll probably get him back to really good function with his leg,” Dr. Carey said.

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Gordo’s owner will have to limit his movement and take him to physical therapy, which doctors anticipate will be covered by donations.

The driver of van involved in the pursuit has been charged and sentenced to two years in prison.


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