PASADENA ( — A local bride and groom say their wedding planner cancelled days before their ceremony and took money with her.

Speshelle and Tony Garcia were married ten years ago at a courthouse, because they didn’t have the money for a wedding. This year, they decided to treat themselves to a ceremony.

However, they say their wedding planner, Rosetta Smith-Cooper, of Shorebeach Weddings, took their money and ran.

“She was very attentive and, you know, communicated very well; emails, phone calls, text messages, everything,” Speshelle said.

Speshelle then received an email from Smith-Cooper on Monday afternoon, which read:

“Due to an ongoing health issue unfortunately, I will not be able to move forward with your wedding on Sunday, Sept. 28th. As per our contract I will provide a full refund of monies paid to date. If you would like me to locate a wedding planner that can step in please indicate so.”

Then, when Speshelle contacted all the vendors to salvage the wedding, she discovered that none of them had ever been paid.

“I contacted the photographer, I contacted the officiant, and I spoke to them and I said ‘please would you do this regardless of whether we get paid or not’,” caterer Christina Mastikian said.

The caterers agreed to do what they could for the ceremony, free of charge.

While Smith-Cooper denied to speak, Speshelle reports that no request to refund her credit card was ever filed with her bank.


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