SHERMAN OAKS ( — A San Fernando Valley resident says her gated home offered zero security for a $200,000 Mercedes-Benz after crooks swooped in and stripped it for nearly $50,000 worth of parts.

KCAL9’s Jeff Nguyen reports the victim who doesn’t want her identity revealed said a security camera on her Sherman Oaks property caught the entire crime on video.

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“They jumped my fence. There’s a little hole right here,” said the woman. “These stupid guys don’t realize I have cameras everywhere.”

Her brand-new customized G63 Mercedes may look like it just came out of a chop shop, but in fact, the vehicle was partially dismantled in its owner’s driveway early Sunday morning.

A security video released by the resident shows a shadowy figure lurking around the driver’s side of the vehicle. An unidentified man is then seen hovering around the rear as he unscrews and pulls out the taillights.

This still taken from security video footage shows a man wearing a baseball cap walking around the Mercedes SUV.

This still image taken from security footage shows a man wearing a baseball cap walking around the Mercedes SUV.

After that, the video shows the figure walk to the front of the SUV, offering perhaps the best glimpse of his face, before ducking underneath the car.

The owner says it could cost her tens of thousands of dollars to replace the parts.

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“The grill is going to be about $25,000 to replace. These lights are like $10,000,” she said. “They also took my back lights, which are about a thousand each.”

And that’s why she believes the crooks are professionals; they knew the exact value of what they were taking.

“They totally look like they’re from a body shop, because it’s not something normal that people would have this car,” she said. “They only make a hundred of these cars a year.”

The victim believes the stolen parts will likely end up at a body shop or will be sold on the black market.

She’s also offering an unspecified reward for anyone who can help break the case, adding: “I live in a very safe neighborhood, and I want to keep this neighborhood safe.”

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Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact the owner at