SAN BERNARDINO ( — A teacher is on administrative leave after she used a racial slur in her classroom.

At least one 17-year-old student reported teacher Bernadette Yuson of Cajon High School in San Bernardino, saying that she used the racial slur in front of her class as she was shifting desk assignments.

The mother of the student says that administrative leave, however, does not match the offense, and that she wants her fired.

“I want her to be fired because it’s like she’s just getting away with it,” the student’s mother said. “I want something done, because I don’t feel this is right. My son had asked, ‘Why are you moving all the black people around the classroom?’ and she was like, ‘Because I’m going to move all the (expletive) around’, and my son was just in (so much) shock that he just got up, and he was getting ready to go tell the administration.”

San Bernardino district’s spokesperson confirmed that the slur was used by Yuson. Officials are deciding what the proper action to take against her may be.

The district released a statement, which reads in part:

“We can assure the public that the district took the student’s complaint seriously, and at no time did any district employee minimize the gravity of the impact of the teacher’s words.”

The student, however, claims he was practically ignored by the principal after reporting the incident.

“He said ‘just focus on school, because in the long run, none of this is going to matter,’ ” the student said.

His mother tells CBS2’s Tom Wait that they went to the school board after failing to receive an apology from the school.

On Monday, the family went to police to file a report after the student reportedly received threats over social media.

The student’s mother suggests it is likely she will pull her son out of Cajon High School and transfer him elsewhere.