WOODLAND HILLS (CBSLA.com) — Sports teams have canceled games because of rain before, but because of heat?

It’s expected to be so hot this weekend that several sports leagues have called off the action to protect players from heat stroke.

Parents and their kids in the Valley are finding the heat anything but sporty. Or cooperative.

KCAL9’s Rachel Kim reported from Woodland Hills on Friday evening.

The West Valley Soccer League is one league that canceled games.

The league sent last-minute emails to parents Friday evening to say all games scheduled to start after 12:50 p.m. would be postponed.

Kim reported that on Friday evening, some coaches weren’t taking any chances and even canceled Friday evening practices at Pierce College.

“We showed up for practice,” said parent Clelia Ilbeig. “And we discovered there was no practice today due to the heat.”

“I felt a little sad,” said her 8-year-old son Kian.

“I guess when it comes down to it, it’s for the safety and health of the kids,” said Clelia. “So, I get it.”

All in all, Kian is not a fan of the heat anyway.

“It hurts my chest, and I’m sweating and it feels like all humid,” he said.

Charlee Friedman, 9, loves to run the field and has mixed emotions about the league scrubbing her Saturday game.

“I was happy because it would probably be really hot tomorrow, but I was also sad because I like soccer,” Friedman said.

“I can understand for the safety of the kids not wanting them to run out in 100-degree heat for an hour,” said Charlee’s dad Warren.


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