WOODLAND HILLS (CBSLA.com) — A 72-year-old woman is filing a lawsuit against a hair salon in San Fernando Valley after she says she ate a cookie laced with marijuana from a tray the establishment left out for customers.

Jo Ann Nickerson, 72, says she has never smoked, drank or taken drugs, until October 2013, when a cookie from an offering tray at Blush Salon got her high.

About an hour after eating the cookie, Nickerson says she couldn’t speak, and that she was disoriented, light-headed, had blurred vision, and ultimately, experienced hallucinations.

“I saw gingerbread men,” Nickerson recalled. “I think the most frightening part about it was that I had no idea where it came from.”

Thinking she was having a stroke, Nickerson rushed to the West Hills Emergency Room, where a reported $46,000 in care, and an overnight stay, showed that she was high.

“They determined that the only thing she ate that day was a home-baked cookie from the beauty salon,” attorney Barry Goldberg said.

The diagnosis caught Nickerson by surprise.

“I like sweets, but I do not like drugs,” Nickerson emphasized. “Never, never in my life.”

Management at the salon has denied providing the cookie in question, and had no comment on the matter, apart from stating that they have entered litigation.

Nickerson is seeking unspecified damages.

“My only desire is for this never to happen to someone else. It could have happened to a child.”

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