STUDIO CITY ( — Aurora Porter from Vital Farms visited the KCAL9 studios Friday to cook up some egg dishes with some of the healthiest eggs for you.

Porter says pasture-raised hens produce the healthiest eggs.

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In a pasture environment, birds may live in small houses – either mobile or fixed – to which they can return at will (for example to lay) and are secured in at night (for protection), but otherwise they are free to roam on vegetation covered pastures.

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The amount of space provided for each bird on a correctly operated pasture-raised farm works out to over 108sqft each (1000 birds for ever 2.5 acres). This number has been calculated by soil management studies as being the minimum amount that allows for constant source of dietary vegetation on pastures rotated regularly to ensure that any potential parasite life-cycles are interrupted, keeping both the hens and the land healthy.

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On such a system, birds are able to forage a significant portion of their dietary requirements from naturally occurring plants and invertebrates, reducing their dependency on the provided feed.