ONTARIO (CBSLA.com) — Female employees of a business in Ontario say they were violated when they discovered they were filmed while using the bathroom.

CBS2’s Crystal Cruz spoke to the women, who say they they were upset when they found out — and remain so.

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“I was sad, mad, angry,” Maria Ramirez said.

Ramirez suspects she was unknowingly videotaped while using the toilet at work in April.

“Everything was exposed on the video. Your front parts. Back parts. I mean, everything,” Ramirez said.

The Ontario Police Department confirmed a male employee at Mentor Media has been accused of placing a camera in the bathroom.

The man has been interviewed.

The case, meanwhile, has been turned over to the District Attorney’s Office for further review.

Ramirez told Cruz that police have showed her video of Ramirez using the restroom. The camera was reportedly found under the bathroom sink and was being held there by tape.

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She fears that the man who is accused of taping her also showed the tape to co-workers.

“To me, that was embarrassing because I had to go the next day and see them the next day and say ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ ”

Ramirez says she was so embarrassed that she quit her job; she’d been with the company for six years.

A woman who asked Cruz to blur her face still works for Mentor Media and fears she was videotaped, too. She also fears the secret taping went on for months.

“I use the restroom every single day, and there is no day that I don’t go to the restroom,” said the woman.

“You don’t think this stuff is going to happen to you. You go to work, you think it’s a private place like nobody’s bound to see you and just to find out that you went into the restroom and thought you were safe there but somebody was watching you the whole time,” she added.

The women told Cruz they are taking legal action against the company.

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She called and e-mailed Mentor Media asking for a comment and has not received a response.