There’s never a dull moment in WWE. New to the scene, but already the life of the party, Adam Rose is turning heads. He’s had a run of successes to match his high-octane persona, with victories over Fandango and Damien Sandow among others. Only the wrestling gods know if the Exotic Express will continue to roll over the opposition. But one thing’s for sure: he’s definitely no lemon.

Here are seven things about Adam Rose that you didn’t know:

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1. The Adam Rose character is essentially an amped-up version Ray Leppan, the person.

2. Born Ray Leppan, Adam Rose wrestled as Leo Krugar in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). (FCW later became WWE NXT.) He picked the name to honor Paul Krugar, his relative who was the former president of South Africa. Rose, as Krugar, was twice the FCW heavyweight champion.

3. Rose has been wrestling since he was 16 years old. He was once part of a tag team with Paul Lloyd Jr, a fellow South African who now wrestles in WWE as Justin Gabriel. The two have recently renewed their rivalry.

4. The Exotic Express is, in fact, a real bus, which Rose often rides to matches around the country. You can see it parked outside of arenas.

5. Adam Rose’s followers and fellow partiers are called the Rosebuds. Sometimes they include WWE NXT talent, but they always include a bunny.

6. Rose made his WWE debut with an epic entrance on the May 5, 2014 edition of RAW. He first jumped into the ring three weeks later, successfully taking out Damien Sandow.

7. Rose’s signature move is called the Party Foul, which is similar to the Snapmare Driver. Facing away from his opponent, he puts them in a three-quarter facelock then drops down on his chest, driving their forehead into the canvas.

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