SANTA BARBARA ( — It’s video almost too cute to ignore.

It’s also a sea lion captured on video in a way most people never get to see.

Andrew Hahn, his family and his fiance’s family were sailing off Santa Barbara about 2 p.m. Wednesday.

They noticed they were being followed by a sea lion. Make that a most curious, active and adorable sea lion.

Hahn grabbed his GoPro Hero3, which can film underwater.

What followed was three minutes of twirling and diving and flips and barrel rolls, and living near Los Angeles, some definite preening.

This sea lion was definitely ready for his closeup. Whether he was attracted to the red light or not, who knows, but he definitely was curious about that “thing” in the water. (And maybe a little mad it wasn’t edible.)

“We named him Coach Flippy,” Hahn wrote on YouTube. “He wanted to show us some sweet moves.”

The sea lion followed the family for about 20 minutes, Hahn told KCAL9.


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