MANHATTAN BEACH ( — People looking to fish off the Manhattan Beach pier are out of luck for at least two more months.

As authorities investigate the potential relationship between fishing and Saturdays’ great white shark attack off Manhattan Beach, a fishing ban on the pier, originally expected to be lifted this week, has been extended for 60 days.

Swimmer Steven Robles was bitten by a juvenile Great White shark while swimming with a group not far off the pier. He was taken to Harbor UCLA Medical Center and is recovering from his wounds.

(credit: Steven Robles)

(credit: Steven Robles)

The attack has prompted new action, aimed at preventing future attacks in the water.

Surfers claim that fishermen were chumming the water — baiting sharks with raw meat and blood — off the pier on Saturday, leading to the attack.

“Unfortunately, this is a human-provoked attack, by those fishermen,” surfer Alonzo Vargas said. “Sitting here, watching it happen, I looked up, and I could see that there was a big fish on that line.”

The fisherman, meanwhile, says that he was using sardines when he hooked the shark.

“For what we fish for, there’s no need to chum,” the fisherman said. “The fish are already there, they’re not attracted to blood. The fish that we’re fishing for have nothing to do with it.”

Robles was reportedly with a group of 15 swimmers, who swim every Saturday morning from Hermosa Beach Pier to Manhattan Beach Pier. The group was preparing for a coming international swim meet.

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