PHELAN ( — One of the survivors of a crash that took the lives of two teenagers Tuesday night in the Cajon Pass is speaking out.

Nicole Lyle, 18, and John Cabrera, 16, were killed when a dump truck crashed into the PT Cruiser they were riding in.

Three of their friends — Michael Baker, 20, David Castaneda, and Shayne Gretzner, 19 — were hurt and taken to the hospital.

Gretzner, who joined friends and family at a vigil Wednesday night at Serrano High School in Phelan, said the truck, which came from a nearby construction site, collided with their vehicle as they pulled out of a gas station.

“I was looking at my phone and within a matter of 10 seconds of pulling out of that Shell, a diesel just came in about 70 miles an hour up over the embankment and just didn’t give us enough time,” Gretzner said. “It’s hard to accept at the moment. It’s only been 24 hours, so it’s still setting in.”

Gretzner said the group did nothing to contribute to the collision.

“It’s nothing that like, it was at our fault, I feel, so it’s nothing like, ‘Aw, I wish we weren’t doing something wrong,’” he said.

The teen said he saw his life flash before his eyes.

“Everything just flashes and that really does happen. I wasn’t a believer of that until last night,” he said.

Gretzner said he’ll remember his friends as active and fun.

“Our whole group was either riding or just hiking or going to the beach,” he said.

KCAL9’s Crystal Cruz reports Coffman/Parsons, a Caltrans contractor, said the truck driver was experienced and believes the crash was a tragic accident.

The crash is under investigation.


2 Teens Killed, 3 Hurt After Dump Truck Crashes Into Car In Cajon Pass

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